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MS Mathematics

Mathematical Modelling, Data Science

Nazareno, A.L., Eclarin, R.L., Mendoza, E.R., & Lao, A.R. (2019). Linear conjugacy of chemical kinetic systems. Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering, 16(6), 8322–8355.

Nazareno AL, Hernandez BS. (2017). A mathematical model of the interaction of abscisic acid, ethylene and methyl jasmonate on stomatal closure in plants. PLoS ONE, 12(2).


MS Mathematics


MS Mathematics

Coding theory, number theory, combinatorics on words

Palacio, J.D., Santiago, P.A., and Guim, J.P. (2015) Homogeneous and other weight functions on GF(q)[u_1, u_2,…,u_l]/(u_1^2,u_2^2,…,u_l^2). Philippine Computing Journal, 10, 8-14.

Palacio, J.D., Sison, V.P., and Lampos, J.M.T (2012). On minimum distance of the p^m-ary image of linear block codes over the finite chain ring GF(p^m)/<u^r>, Philippine Computing Journal, 7, 43-46.


MS Mathematics

Differential Equations, Mathematical Biology, Real Analysis

Benitez, J. V., Quindala, K. M., (2015) On McShane integrable sets and Lebesgue measure. International Journal of Mathematical Analysis, 9 (3), 127-139.


MS Mathematics

Approximation Theory, Convex Analysis, Fractional Calculus


MS Applied Mathematics

Biomathematics and Qualitative Management and Decision Sciences (QMDS), Biomathematics/Operations Research
Mathematics of Reaction Networks (MoRN), Mathematical Modelling, Chemical Reaction Network Theory (CRNT), Game Theory

Buhat, C.A.H., Lutero, D.S.M., Olave, Y.H., Talabis D.A.SJ., et al. Using Constrained Optimization for the Allocation of COVID-19 Vaccines in the Philippines. Appl Health Econ Health Policy (2021).

Talabis , D.A.SJ., Babierra A.L., Buhat C.A.H., Lutero D.S., Quindala K.M. and Rabajante  J.F., Local Government Responses for COVID-19 Management in the Philippines, BMC Public Health 21, 1711 (2021).

Talabis D.A.SJ., Magpantay D.M., Mendoza E.R, Nocon E.G., Jose E.C., Complex balanced equilibria of weakly reversible poly-PL kinetic systems and evolutionary games MATCH Commun. Math. Comput. Chem 83 (2). 2020, 375-402

Talabis D.A.SJ., Mendoza E.R., Jose E.C., Complex Balanced Equilibria of Weakly Reversible Power Law Kinetic Systems, MATCH Communications in Mathematical and in Computer Chemistry 82 (3). 2019, pp. 601-624

Mendoza E.R., Talabis, D.A.S.J. and Jose  E.C., Positive equilibria of weakly reversible power law kinetic systems with linear independent interactions, Journal of Mathematical Chemistry.  October 2018, Volume 56, Issue 9, pp 2643–2673

Talabis, D.A.SJ., Arceo C.P.P., and Mendoza E.R. 2017. Positive Equilibria of a Class of Power-law Kinetics. Journal of Mathematical Chemistry. February 2018, Volume 56, Issue 2, pp 358–394

Buhat, C.A.H.; Talabis, D.A.S.J.; Cueno, A.L.; Gavina, M.K.A.; Babierra, A.L.; Cuaresma, G.A.; Rabajante, J.F. Stochasticity in the Parasite-Driven Trait Evolution of Competing Species Masks the Distinctive Consequences of Distance Metrics. Processes 2017, 5, 74.

Talabis, D. A. S. J., Arceo, C. P. P., & Mendoza, E. R. (2017). Positive equilibria of a class of power-law kinetics. Journal of Mathematical Chemistry. DOI 10.1007/s10910-017-0804-2

Talabis, D. A. S. J., Manay, E. J., Babierra, A. L., Flores, J. J., & Rabajante, J. F. (2013). A numerical model of Philippine population growth: child policy, quantitative insights and challenges. IAMURE International Journal of Social Sciences, 8, 45-71. DOI: 10.7718/ijss.v8i1.667.




MS Applied Mathematics

Optimal Control Theory, Simulation Modeling

Torres, Monica C., Kyla Kiela S. Villegas, and Maica Krizna A. Gavina. “Solving Faculty-Course Allocation Problem Using Integer Programming Model.” Philippine Journal of Science 150, no. 4 (2021): 679-689. 

Buhat, Christian Alvin H., Destiny SM Lutero, Yancee H. Olave, Kemuel M. Quindala, Mary Grace P. Recreo, Dylan Antonio SJ Talabis, Monica C. Torres, Jerrold M. Tubay, and Jomar F. Rabajante. “Using Constrained Optimization for the Allocation of COVID-19 Vaccines in the Philippines.” Applied health economics and health policy (2021): 1-10. 

Areja‐Gavina, Maica Krizna D., Monica C. Torres, Gimelle B. Gamilla, Tomohiko Sakaguchi, Hiromu Ito, Jomar F. Rabajante, Jerrold M. Tubay, Jin Yoshimura, and Satoru Morita. “Exaggerated evolution of male armaments via male–male competition.” Ecology and Evolution 11, no. 11 (2021): 6977-6992. 

Torres, Monica C., Gimelle B. Gamilla, Destiny S. Lutero, Jerrold M. Tubay, and Jomar F. Rabajante. “Effects of Tree Cutting to a Simulated Two-dimensional Lattice Lotka-Volterra Model of a Terrestrial Plant Community with Microhabitat Locality.” 

Buhat, Christian Alvin H., Monica C. Torres, Yancee H. Olave, Maica Krizna A. Gavina, Edd Francis O. Felix, Gimelle B. Gamilla, Kyrell Vann B. Verano, Ariel L. Babierra, and Jomar F. Rabajante. “A mathematical model of COVID-19 transmission between frontliners and the general public.” Network Modeling Analysis in Health Informatics and Bioinformatics 10, no. 1 (2021): 1-12.


MS Applied Mathematics

Probability Theory, Stochastic Optimal Control

Umali, L.C.A. & Escaner, J.M.L. (2014) A compound Poisson risk model of a loss-sensitive insurance. International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Statistics, 52(9), 102-111.

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