MST 40/ DEVC 40 (3). Fundamentals of Educational Communication and Technology (3). Theories, principles and concepts of educational communication and technology; practice in planning and deisgning of media-based learning systems. 3 hrs (lect/recit). PR. DEVC 11 or COI. (1,2)

MST 101a. Field Study (1). Observation of the interaction of student’s learning and management of both classroom-based and non-classroom-based learning environment. 48 hrs/sem (lab). PR. None. (1)

MST 101b. Field Study II (1). Examination of diverse learner’s characteristics including learning styles, interpretation of classroom practices as they relate to designing/planning lessons and assessments. 48 hrs/sem (lab). PR. MST 101a. (2)

MST 101c. Field Study III (1). Reflection on and analysis of teaching assessment practices including non-traditional assessments. 48 hrs/sem (lab). PR. MST 101b. (1)

MST 101d. Field Study IV (1). Observation and reflection on classroom management and how classroom discipline is implemented. 48 hrs/sem (lab). PR. MST 101c. (2)

MST 123. The Teaching of Mathematics and Science (5). Principles, trends and methods of teaching mathematics and science. 7 hrs (4 class, 3 lab). PR. MST 4/ DEVC 40 and EDUC 122. (2)

MST 190. Special Problems (3). PR. MST 195.1. (1,2)

MST 191. Special Topics (3). PR. COI. (1,2) 

MST 195/ SOC 195. Research Methodologies in the Social Sciences (2). Perspectives, design, and process of conducting research in the social sciences. 2 hrs (class). PR. STAT 166. (1,2,M)

MST 195.1. Research Methodologies in the Social Sciences Laboratory (1). 3 hrs (lab). PR. SOC/MST 195. (2)

MST 199. Undergraduate Seminar (1). PR. COI. (1,2)

MST 200a. Student Teaching I (on campus) (3). PR. MST 123 and MST 101d. (1,2)

MST 200b. Student Teaching II (off campus) (3). PR. MST 200a. (1,2)