2021 CAS Outstanding Administrative Personnel (Technician/Craftsman Category)

Mr. John Leonell A Vargas, also known as Kuya Nel, started working in the university last 2018 as a Laboratory Technician, becoming one of the most dependable administrative personnel in IMSP. The faculty instantly liked his work attitude and amicable personality. His main responsibility is to assist students and faculty on computer and network related concerns. In addition, he serves the Math Division as personnel in charge of payments and reimbursements of the faculty.

In the first half of 2020, he was given an additional assignment by designation without additional compensation as Administrative Assistant I of the whole Institute. This is to continue the function vacated by a retired staff. Even though Mr. Vargas does not have any background in processing procurement documents, he wholeheartedly accepted and innovatively learned the nitty-gritty of the tasks along the way. Until now, he takes charge in the procurement of computer, laboratory, and infrastructure-related items.   

Recently, in the renovation and repair of rooms and lecture halls of the Institute, he processed the procurement papers related to them and supervised the area of work. 

He says that the secret for his excellent performance is getting along with his workmates and bosses well. He believes that this results in a better harmony in a workplace which makes him more efficient in his job. Aside from that, his wife and two daughters motivate him to work hard and manage his tasks effectively to the satisfaction of the people around him.

(JE Casquete)