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Associate Professor


MS Physics

Nanomaterials and Nanosensors, Sensors and Instrumentation, Material Science, Semiconductors


Florido, E.A., Maghirang III, A.B. (2015). Electrophoretic deposition of nanostructured zinc oxide film sensitized with palladium chloride for butane/propane gas sensing. Advanced Materials Research, 1131, 135-138.

Florido, E.A., Solidum, S.A. (2016). Butane/propane gas sensing using zinc oxide film grown by successive ionic layer adhesion and reaction. Key Engineering Materials, 705, 273-277.

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Luna, A.P., Manalo, F.K.B., Florido, E.A. (2018). Design and implementation of microbial fuel cell using carbon paste electrode. Key Engineering Materials, 775, 350-355.

Apostol, L.E.D., Sacueza, J.V.O., Visaya, J.P.K.Z.S., Manalo, F.K.B., Florido, E.A. (2018). Comparison between carbon nanotube-based, graphite-based, and rice hull carbon-based electrodes with rice hull silica as catalyst for electrochemical detection of copper. Key Engineering Materials, 775, 283-288.

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Associate Professor


Doctor of Philosophy

Solid and Surface Physics, Semiconductor Physics


Effect of DC Bias During Contact Electrification of Muscovite Mica Using Tapping Mode AFM-KPFM, Jose M. Esmeria Jr., Terencio Lacuesta and Romeric Pobre, 37th Samahang Pisika ng Pilipinas International Congress, May 29 – June 1, 2019 Tagbilaran City, Bohol.

Wirebond Enhancement on Copper Palladium Bonding in an Over Pad Metallization, Michael B. Tabiera, Bryan Christian S. Bacquian, Terencio D. Lacuesta, 16th Electronics Packaging Technology Conference, 3-5 December 2014, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

Depth Dependent Non-Destructive Analysis of the Oxide Surface of InP(100) Using Grazing Incidence X-Ray Photoemission, Terrence Jach, Stephen Thurgate and Terencio Lacuesta, “Semiconductor Characterization: Present Status and Future Needs, American Institute of Physics, Woodbury, NY, 1996, 283-286.

Surface Photovoltage Study of n-type and p-type InP, Kyle Blight, Stephen M. 
Thurgate and Terencio D. Lacuesta, Surface Science 310 (1994) 103-112.

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Electrical Properties of Semiconductors, Bato Balani, Diwa Learning Systems Inc., Metro Manila, Vol. 13, No. 6, 1994, pp. 19-20.

Associate Professor


PhD Physics

Population Dynamics, Modeling and Simulation


Piñol, C. M. N., & Banzon, R. S. (2010). Catastrophic senescence and semelparity in the Penna aging model. Theory in Biosciences, 130(2), 101–106. doi: 10.1007/s12064-010-0115-7

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Associate Professor


PhD Materials Science and Engineering

Computational materials science (First-Principles Calculations)


Santos-Putungan, A. B., Stojic, N., Binggeli, N. and Paraan, F. N. C. (2020). Selective capture of CO2 over N2 and CH4: B clusters and their size effects. Materials Today Communications (22), 100712

Santos-Putungan, A. B. and Putungan, D. B. (2019). Methane adsorption on strained 1T′-MoS2 monolayer: insights from density functional theory calculations. Materials Research Express 6 (6), 065512

Santos-Putungan, A. B., Stojic, N., Binggeli, N. and Paraan, F.N. C. (2019). Strong chemisorption of CO2 on B10-B13 planar-type clusters 31 145504

Santos-Putungan, A. B. and Putungan, D. B. (2018). Density functional theory study of uni-and bi-metallic small Pt and Ni clusters for fuel conversion applications. Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1039 (1), 012029

Santos-Putungan, A. B., Empizo, M.J. F., Yamanoi, K., Vargas, R. M., Arita, R., Minami, Y., Shimizu, T., Salvador, A. A., Sarmago, R. V., Sarukura, N. (2016). Intense and fast UV emitting ZnO microrods fabricated by low temperature aqueous chemical growth method. Journal of Luminescence 169, 216-219

Associate Professor

Alvin Karlo G. TAPIA

Doctor of Science (Chemical Physics)

Disordered materials, low frequency spectroscopy, ultrafast physics

Associate Professor


PhD Physics

Foundations of Quantum Mechanics

A. Villanueva and E. Galapon, “Generalized crossing states in the interacting case: The uniform gravitational field, Phys. Rev. A 82 (2010) 052117.

E. Galapon and A. Villanueva, “Quantum first time-of-arrival operators,” J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 41 (2008) 455302.

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A. Villanueva, Correlation-dependent Tunneling of a Ballistic Particle. UP Los Baños Journal. 13 (2015) 109-121.

Assistant Professor


MS Materials Science and Engineering

Computational Modeling and Simulation (Materials Science and Complex System), Applications of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (Environmental Science and Healthcare)


Gaudillo J, Rodriguez JR, Nazareno A., Baltazar LR, Vilela J, Bulalacao R, Domingo M, Albia J.R. (2019) Machine learning approach to single nucleotide polymorphism-based asthma prediction (accepted paper in PLOS ONE)
Albia J. R.  and Albao M. A. (2017) Dynamic scaling of island size distribution in submonolayer one-dimensional growth, Physical Review. E 92 042802. 
Padama A. A., Villaos R. A., Albia J.R., Dino W., Nakanishi H., Kasai H. (2017) CO-induced Pd segregation and the effect of subsurface Pd on CO adsorption on CuPd surfaces, J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 29 025005. 
Albao M.A., Cristobal A.P. S., Albia J.R. (2015) Quantifying STM-tip induced directed hopping of Sb2 dimers on Si(001): A kinetic Monte Carlo study,  J. Vac. Sci. Technol. A 33, 061407.
Albia J.R., Macam G.M., Albao M.A. (2015) Impact of C-defects on Activation Barrier for Surface Diffusion: A kinetic Monte Carlo Study, U.P. Los Baños Journal Volume XIII, January-December 2015, pp. 1-10. 
Albia J.R.  and Albao M.A. (2015) Non-Arrhenius temperature dependence of the island density of one-dimensional Al chains on Si(100): A kinetic Monte Carlo study, J. Vac. Sci. Technol. A Vol. 32, Issue 2. 
Albia J.R., Albao M.A. and Ramos, H.J. (2014) Adsorption and one-dimensional growth of Al and In chains on Si(100):2×1: A Kinetic Monte Carlo Approach, Adsorp. Sci. Technol. Vol. 32, No. 9.
Corpuz R.D., and Albia J.R. (2014) Electrophoretic Fabrication of ZnO/ZnO-CuO Composite for Ammonia Gas Sensing, Materials Research 17(4), pp 851-856. 
Gaudillo J.D., Albao M.A., and  Albia J.R. (2018) Characterization of the growth dynamics of Al/Si(100) using kinetic Monte Carlo approach, 35th SPP Physics Congress, Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines, June 6 – 9, 2018.
Villaos R.A., Albia J.R., and Padama A.A.B. (2017) Adsorption of CO on CuPd surfaces: A DFT study using vdW-DF2 functional, A density functional theory study on the adsorption of CO on W (110), 35th SPP Physics Congress, Bayfront Hotel Cebu, Cebu City, June 7-10, 2017.

Assistant Professor


(On study leave)

MS Physics

Quantum entanglement, vibrational spectroscopy


Barbarona, R. F., & Paraan, F. N. (2016). Integer effects in the entanglement and spin fluctuations of a quantum Hall system with Rashba interactions. Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment, 2016(5), 053104.

Assistant Professor


MS Materials Science and Engineering


Assistant Professor


MS Physics

X-ray crystallography, imaging and tomography, High temperature superconductors, Thz spectroscopy


Assistant Professor


MS Physics

First-principles, 2D Materials, Surfaces


Assistant Professor


(On study leave)

MS Materials Science and Engineering

Materials Physics

T.L. Baquiran, M.C.T. Garcia and M.U. Herrera (2017). Electrical characteristics of zinc oxide-copper oxide heterojunction at different illumination intensities. Key Engineering Materials 

D.L.V Almanza, M.C.T. Garcia, A.D. Prodigalidad and M.U. Herrera (2016) Visible light photocatalytic activity of Zinc Oxide-Copper Oxide composites. Key Eng. Mater.705 385-389

M.C.T. Garcia and M.U. Herrera, Effects of PbO on ZnO and ZnO-Bi2O3-Sb2O3 Varistor Ceramics. UPLB Journal 2016

Assistant Professor


(On study leave)

MS Materials Science and Engineering

Surface and interfaces, in situ characterization techniques


Cano A.P., Gillado A.V., Montecillo A.D and Herrera M.U. (2018). Copper sulfate-embedded and copper oxide embedded filter paper and their antimicrobial properties, Materials Chemistry and Physics 207 147-153.

Parel M.M.P, Gillado A.V. and Herrera M.U. (2018). Morphology and electrical conductivity of polyaniline coating acetate, Surfaces and Interfaces 10 74-77

Leonor A.M.J, Gillado A.V. and Herrera M.U. (2018). Effect of Acid- Doped Polyaniline-Zinc Oxide Composite on the Removal of Methyl Orange under Visible Light Exposure, Materials Science Forum 917 MSF 17-21

Pamatmat J.K. R., Gillado A.V. and Herrera M.U. (2017). Embedding of polyaniline molecules on adhesive tape using successive ionic layer adsorption and reaction (SILAR) technique. IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 201(1)

Mones E.S., Gillado A.V. and Herrera M.U., (2016). Photoresponse of zinc oxide- polyaniline junction at different light intensities, Key Engineering Materials 705 186-189

Parel M.M.P, Gillado A.V. and Herrera, M.U.(2016). Electrical and Optical Properties of Soda-Lime Glass Coated using High Voltage Electrodeposition Technique, Key Engineering Materials 705 199-203

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