Midterm Reports: Poster Presentations (Regular)

Second Semester, AY 2020-2021

The following are Midterm Reports of graduating BS Applied Physics students. Their email addresses are displayed in the slides and posters. Please contact them if you have questions, comments, suggestions, and recommendations. These will help our students in improving the quality of their undergraduate thesis.

1. Evian Drew A. Aguilar (eaaguilar2@up.edu.ph)
   Title: Structural and electronic effects of hydrogen and oxygen impurities to beta-tungsten (β-W): a density functional theory study

2. Clintzone G. Batino (cgbatino@up.edu.ph)
     Title: Simulation and characterization of granular materials flowing inside an hourglass

3. Jeri Berlyn D. Linganay (jdlinganay@up.edu.ph)
Title: Adsorption and diffusion of calcium ions at the van der Waals interface of NbSe2-graphene 2D heterostructure for multivalent battery applications: a density functional theory study

4. Jethro D. Nalupta (jdnalupta@up.edu.ph)
Title: Time-series analysis of temperature and dew point from spatially correlated weather stations

5. Mark Andrew D. Navarro (mdnavarro@up.edu.ph)
Title: Critical properties of site-diluted Ising model in two and three dimensions

6. Ferdinand Justo L. Trinidad (fltrinidad@up.edu.ph)
Title: Multispectral analysis of UAV-acquired sugarcane images