Midterm Reports: Poster Presentations

First Semester, AY 2020-2021

The following are Midterm Reports of graduating BS Applied Physics students. Their email addresses are displayed in the slides and posters. Please contact them if you have questions, comments, suggestions, and recommendations. These will help our students in improving the quality of their undergraduate thesis.

1. Bria Marie D. Barcelona (bdbarcelona@up.edu.ph)
​     Title: Synthesis of organosilane-based wood coating

2. Marianne A. Palmero (mapalmero@up.edu.ph)
     Title: Hydrogen atom adsorption on palladium/vanadium surface: A Density Functional Theory study

3. Carl Adrian D. Soriano (cdsoriano1@up.edu.ph)
     Title: Stability of segmented-body undulatory locomotion

4. Lyndsey Joyce D.C. Torda (ldtorda@up.edu.ph)
     Title: Fabrication and characterization of silicon carbide grafted with silane-aniline