Research is one of UP’s important pillars as a national university so as we roll into a brand-new year, let us kick things off with a feature of the article that earned the highest impact factor among all the journal articles authored or co-authored by our faculty members from the institute last 2019. 

The article is co-authored by Dr. Allan Abraham B. Padama entitled “Investigation of reverse ionic diffusion in forward-osmosis-aided dewatering of microalgae: A molecular dynamics study”, published in Bioresource Technology Journal.

The study is a computational / theoretical based research that aimed to investigate the transport mechanisms of ions during forward-osmosis-driven (FO-driven) dewatering of microalgae. Dewatering of algae is a process used in production of bio-products related to supplements, feeds, drugs, and biofuels. While the process seems to be a straightforward, available methods usually require large energy consumption, and thus, limit the utilization of microalgae in biomass related technologies. This study explores the dynamical properties of different ionic solutions that are usually used in FO driven dewatering of microalgae. It provides insights on the proper selection of solutions for FO systems.

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