November 22, 2019

Dr. Allan Abraham B. Padama

2019 CAS Outstanding Senior Researcher

Dr. Allan Abraham B. Padama studies fundamental properties and phenomena important in basic surface science and industrial applications. He uses density functional theory (DFT) calculations to investigate surface processes accompanying metal alloys that are used in the conversion of waste gases into useful fuels. These works are essential in the design and development of new materials that have the potential of addressing energy and environmental issues.

Dr. Padama joined the Physics Division of IMSP in 2014. Through the UP System Balik PhD Research Grant, he built a small computing facility which now also caters to undergraduate students and other researchers.

Dr. Padama is a graduate of the BS Physics for Teachers program of the Philippine Normal University. He received his PhD Engineering (Applied Physics) and M. Engineering (Applied Physics) degrees from Osaka University. Currently, he is Associate Professor of Physics and UP Scientist 1.