IMSP hosts the 3rd International Workshop on Mathematical Biology

The field of Mathematical Biology with the aid of computing machines, emerged as an indispensable tool in modeling the behavior of biological systems ranging from the dynamics of microorganisms to the impacts of climate change on different ecosystems in the advent of the 21st century. In keeping up with promoting state-of-the-art quantitative biology research in the Philippines, the Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Physics (IMSP) hosted the 3rd International Workshop on Mathematical Biology (IWOMB) last January 5-8, 2020. Leading researchers, both local and abroad, convened to provide insights in conducting research in their fields of expertise.

Plenary talks were given by invited speakers namely Dr. Aletta T. Yñiguez (UP Diliman), Dr. Vincent A.A. Jansen (Royal Holloway, University of London), Dr. Hiromu Ito (Nagasaki University), Dr. Robert Smith? (University of Ottawa), Dr. Arnold R. Salvacion (UP Los Baños), Dr. Juancho A. Collera (UP Baguio), Dr. Angelyn R. Lao (DLSU), and Dr. Casian Alexandru Pantea (West Virginia University).  The keynote speech was delivered by Academician Rex Victor O. Cruz (UP Los Baños).

The workshop was participated by 64 individuals from 17 local and 4 foreign universities. Hands-on workshops were conducted, and the participants presented their mini-projects on the third day. The topics are Biostatistics/Quantitative Genetics, Crop Modeling, Mathematical Epidemiology, Optimal Control, NetLogo Agent-based Simulation, Data Visualization in Python, Bioinformatics/Computational Biology, and Parameter Estimation.

Poster presentations were also conducted as a venue for students and teachers to showcase their work on their topics of interest. A best student poster award was given to Justin Richmond C. Domingo for his research entitled “Characterization and modeling of the ph-sensitive degradation of hydroxypropyl cellulose-blended sodium alginate microcapsules for controlled drug delivery”.

This workshop was co-organized by the Mathematical Society of the Philippines (MSP) and was sponsored by the UP Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs (OVPAA), UP Los Baños – Office of the Chancellor, UP Los Baños – College of Arts and Sciences, UP Diliman – Institute of Mathematics, The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP),  and the Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture (SEARCA).

Indeed, the event is an opportunity for academics to exchange ideas and nurture interdisciplinary scientific work. Regardless of the simplicity or the complexity of the research, every output is a step towards full understanding of the complex biological processes and is a voice in the great debate of our role in the continuity of the delicate ecosystems. 

(KMQuindala and JFRabajante)