IMSP's MS Math program

The Master of Science in Mathematics (MS Math) is designed for those who wanted to pursue advanced knowledge in mathematics and with the intent to go to the academe, industry research, college teaching, and related fields. Students of the program are trained to acquire the mastery of mathematics and intellectual independence.

The main feature of the revised MS Math program is the inclusion of three tracks: (1) Pure Mathematics, (2) Applied Mathematics, and (3) Mathematics Education. This gives opportunities for students to follow their diverse interests in theoretical mathematics, applied mathematics or mathematics teaching. Despite the delineation created by the tracks, students are provided with a common rigorous training in three foundational mathematics courses – Theory of Matrices, Topology, and Real Analysis; and provided with the right selection of elective courses.

The structure of the new program embodies the usefulness and ubiquity of mathematics to problems arising in various fields. These are, but not limited to, education, operations research, actuarial science, biology, chemistry, statistics, physics and engineering, finance and economics, computer science and information theory. With the mathematical maturity honed by the MS Math program, graduates of the program are expected to perform exceptionally in their chosen professions and could pursue doctoral studies in theoretical mathematics, applied mathematics, mathematics education or other related fields.

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