UP BOR Approves the new MS Physics Program of IMSP

The Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Physics (IMSP) will begin offering a brand new Master of Science in Physics (MS Physics) program beginning this First Semester of AY 2020-2021. The Program consists of

  • 18 units of core courses covering Classical Mechanics, Classical Electrodynamics, Quantum Mechanics, and Statistical Mechanics.
  • 6 units of graduate elective courses chosen from a wide range of topics offered in the Graduate elective courses in Physics include General Relativity, Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics and Phase Transformations (Statistical Mechanics II), and Electrons and Phonons in Solids. Other graduate elective courses can be taken from other Institutes and Departments such as engineering, agriculture, biology, chemistry, environmental science, and forestry.
  • 1 unit of a graduate seminar course where students present and discuss the latest developments in physics and applied physics.
  • 6 units of a Master’s Thesis course where the student will write and defend a thesis based on research carried out in IMSP under the guidance of a faculty adviser. IMSP is home to some of the most active and leading researchers in physics and applied physics in the country and the region. Research topics where faculty are currently working on are in the areas of computational and experimental materials physics, theoretical and experimental chemical physics, complex systems, theoretical condensed matter physics and quantum thermodynamics, foundations of quantum mechanics, theoretical astro-particle physics, and instrumentation physics.

Students are required to take and pass a written and oral Comprehensive Exam after       successfully completing the required core, elective, and seminar courses. In addition, students can opt to enroll full time or part time. Full-time students can finish the Program after two years while part-time students can finish the Program after three years. 

Prospective students must have a Bachelor’s degree in Physics, Applied Physics, or related field. IMSP requires applicants to have completed the following foundational physics courses: Classical Physics (equivalent to PHYS 121), Electricity and Magnetism (equivalent to PHYS 131), Quantum Physics (equivalent to PHYS 141), and Statistical Physics (equivalent to PHYS 151), in order to qualify as a Regular Student. Students who lack the required foundational physics courses may be admitted but with a Probationary status and will be required to audit the missing foundational courses before acquiring a Regular Student status.

The IMSP MS Physics Program was approved by the UP Board of Regents (UP BOR) during their 1351st Meeting last 21 May 2020. Proponents of the Program are Dr. Marvin Albao, Dr. Allan Alinea, Dr. Eduardo Cuansing, Dr. Chrysline Margus Piñol, and Dr. Darwin Putungan. Prospective students should contact the IMSP Director, Dr. Editha C. Jose (imspdirector.uplb@up.edu.ph), for more information.

(EC Cuansing and AB Santos)

For more information about MS Physics, you may download the UPLB MS Physics Program Prospectus.