IMSP's PhD Applied Math

Five years in the making, the Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Mathematics (Ph. D. AMAT) is the first doctorate offering of the Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Physics. In a unanimous vote, the Ph. D. AMAT program was approved by the UP Board of Regents in its 1353rd Meeting held online. This is also a monumental day for the UP System since this is the first and only doctoral degree in Applied Mathematics in the country.

The goal of the Ph. D. AMAT program is to produce innovative problem solvers, combining advanced-level mathematical science and domain knowledge to help address local and global challenges. This program seeks to contribute to the existing pool of experts in the field of Mathematics who are competent not only in theory but also in many application areas that need reliable forecasts and quantitative recommendations for complex problems.

Graduates of the program are expected to become experts in the following areas:

  1. Biomathematics to formulate quantitative solutions to the problems in biology, agriculture, biotechnology, environmental science, and medicine with the aid of data science;
  2. Complex Systems Modeling to analyze interactions and trends in dynamic, physical, and social systems at different scales;
  3. Financial Mathematics to manage the risks in human societies, businesses, natural environment, and agricultural economy;
  4. Data Science and Numerical Mathematics to approximate solutions to the problems in the natural, social, and engineering sciences using modern technologies and algorithms in machine learning and artificial intelligence;
  5. Partial Differential Equations to model properties of composite materials, and the evolution of the dynamics in Spatio-temporal systems; and
  6. Quantitative Management and Decision Science to optimize the use of natural resources and design efficient processes and operations in various industries.

The Ph. D. in Applied Mathematics program is structured as follows:

  • 6 units of core courses covering dynamic systems modeling and advanced numerical analysis;
  • 6 units of major courses chosen from topics in optimization, game theory, data science, decision models, biomathematics, financial mathematics, algebra, coding theory, geometry, and analysis;
  • 3 units of research and development internship;
  • 12 units of elective courses based on the students plan of coursework that can be obtained from various application areas;
  • 1 unit of graduate seminar; and
  • 12 units of doctoral dissertation.

Prospective students, in addition to the admission requirements of the UPLB Graduate School (, must have:

  • completed a Master’s degree in Mathematics/Applied Mathematics or related fields (with a background in analysis and linear algebra) from any recognized institution of higher learning;
  • submitted a research plan related to the Ph.D. Applied Mathematics program; and
  • passed a panel oral examination.

To be awarded the degree, the program requires: a)  completion of the twenty-seven (27) units of coursework, one (1) unit of graduate seminar, and twelve units (12) units of dissertation; b) passing the qualifying exam to be taken after the first semester of the student; c) satisfaction of the external review of the dissertation; d) submission of the final dissertation manuscript; e) submission of two (2) preprint articles based on the dissertation, and f) acceptance for publication of a paper based on the dissertation in a reputable and refereed journal.

The main proponents of the Ph. D. in Applied Mathematics program are Dr. Editha C. Jose, Dr. Crisanto A. Dorado, Prof. Rolando G. Panopio, Dr. Chrysline Margus N. Piñol, Dr. Jomar F. Rabajante, and Dr. Jerrold M. Tubay.

Interested applicants should contact Dr. Editha C. Jose (

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