UP Scientist Awardees from the IMSP

Three professors from the Physics Division, IMSP were conferred the 2019-2021 UP Scientist 1 awards under the UP Scientific Productivity System program of the University. One faculty member, Dr. Marvin A. Albao, retained his designation while the other two, Dr. Marvin U. Herrera and Dr. Darwin B. Putungan joined the list of awardees for the first time.

Dr. Marvin A. Albao obtained his Ph.D. in Condensed Matter Physics degree from the Iowa State University, USA in 2005. He is the current coordinator of the Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics Research Cluster of the Physics Division, IMSP. His research interests include the modeling and simulation of surface processes. He is currently involved in the study of step decoration in heteroepitaxial systems through pinning by substitutional metal atoms. He just published his most recent work “Coexistence of first-order and second-order desorption processes during temperature-programmed desorption of Bi on Ni(100) analyzed by kinetic Monte Carlo techniques” in the Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A (Sept/Oct 2020 issue).

Dr. Marvin U. Herrera finished his PhD (Engineering) degree in Kyoto University in 2013. He worked under the Nanoscopic Surface Architecture Laboratory in the said university. After obtaining his PhD Degree, he established the Surface and Interface Research Group (SIRG) under the Materials Physics and Engineering cluster of the Physics Division, IMSP. SIRG aims to utilize surface and interface and/or the phenomena associated with them for the creation of technologies that will benefit the society. The research endeavors of the research group include (1) the creation of an p-n heterostructure-type material with visible light-triggered photocatalytic property for water cleaning applications, (2) giving different surfaces specialized properties by grafting of molecules, and (3) the creation of functional coatings.

Dr. Darwin B. Putungan received his Ph.D. in Physics degree from the National Taiwan University, Taiwan in 2015 under the Nanoscience and Technology track of the Taiwan International Graduate Program fellowship of Academia Sinica. He leads the Materials Modeling and Simulation Group under the Condensed matter and Statistical Physics Research Cluster of the Physics Division, IMSP. His research area of specialization is on the use of first-principles calculations to study 2D materials, heterostructures, and other materials for energy conversion and storage. He is currently a Junior Associate of the Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics research group at the International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), Trieste, Italy. He was also the First Prize winner of the 2019 National Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) Talent Search for Young Scientists.