The Mathematics Division Research Committee of the Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Physics (IMSP) conducted the third iteration of the 2021 Mathematics Division Webinar Series last October 18, 2021. Prof. Wielson M. Factolerin and Prof. Vernel M. Lawas, Assistant Professors from IMSP, presented topics under the field of graph theory.

Prof. Factolerin first discussed modules, prime graphs, and k-minimal prime graphs in his lecture “Some Families of Minimal Prime Graphs”. Several results presented were from the special problem of Joshua Larios, a graduate of BS Mathematics in 2020, proving that paths, helm graphs, tadpoles, and other graph families are minimal.

Afterwards, in his talk “Square Harmonious Labeling of Banana Trees Bn,k, Prof. Lawas showed several existing graphs with harmonious and square harmonious labelings such as stars and bistars. Together with his student, John Patrick De Torres of BS Mathematics Class 2021, Prof. Lawas proved that a square harmonious labeling of banana trees exists.

The webinar was spearheaded by Dr. Eduardo O. Jatulan. The earlier webinars in the series covered topics on COVID-19 modeling and numerics and approximation in March and May 2021, respectively. The final installment of the webinar series about financial mathematics and actuarial science is scheduled before the year ends.

(WM Factolerin)