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The Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Physics (IMSP) is one of the six National Centers of Excellence in the Basic Sciences (NCOE), created on March 23, 1983 by Presidential Decree No. 1416 through Executive Order No. 889, to help advance science and technology in the country, and specifically, to strengthen and broaden the national capability to train scientific leaders and conduct research in the basic sciences.

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Math Division features Coding Theory on Research Colloquium
Featuring the Coding Theory and Cryptography (CTC) cluster, the Mathematics Division Research Committee conducted a research colloquium on February 26, 2024, at MB 101A in the Mathematics Building, UPLB. Assistant Professor John Mark T. Lampos and Assistant Professor Krizal John C. Espacio each presented their research in depth. Asst. Prof. Lampos’ talk, entitled “Matrix product codes over rings: what is known and what can be done," started with an introduction on communication and the mathematics behind it. He emphasized the importance of coding theory in this digital era. He ended his talk with possible research directions if students want to pursue research in coding theory. Asst. Prof. Espacio then discussed group codes with his presentation "Group codes: an introduction, construction, and self-duality." He also ended his talk with some more future research directions for students who would like to do research in group codes. After all the talks and discussions, the two speakers w...


Research Seminar on Alloy Systems
You are invited to a Research Seminar on Alloy Systems! Featuring Dr. Koji Shimizu from the Universi...
2024 IMSP Awards: Call for Nominations
Visit this page for details: 2024 IMSP Awards - Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Physics (uplb...

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IMSP assesses courses, programs in curricular workshop
The Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Physics (IMSP) conducted a two-day curricular workshop to...

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