Student Organizations
Student Organizations
Since its establishment in 2001, the Operations Research Society of the Philippines – University of the Philippines at Los Baños Student Chapter (ORSP-UPLBSC) has been the only recognized academic organization geared towards promoting the importance and significance of Operations Research in UPLB as well as in the community of Laguna.
The SOCIETY OF MATH MAJORS, or simply SMM, is an academic organization in the University of the Philippines Los Baños, established on August 9, 1989 with the motivation to create a society having Mathematics as a common interest. As an academic organization, SMM promotes academic honor and excellence not just within its members but also other students in their academics, specifically in Mathematics and statistics courses through free tutorials.
U.P. GURO: Mathematics and Science Teaching Society is an organization composed of BS Mathematics and Science Teaching (MST) students. It is the Society’s mission to foster unity and camaraderie among BS MST students, and to produce individuals equipped with necessary knowledge, skills, and values for teaching Maths and Sciences in order to contribute to the betterment of the education of the nation, for the nation. U.P. GURO is fuelled by members that practices integrity and excellence with exuding passion, whether they may be in the academe or industry.
The UPLB Mathematical Sciences Society (UPLB MASS) is a duly recognized academic and youth-serving organization of University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) and National Youth Commission (NYC), respectively. The society is composed of UPLB students pursuing either BS Applied Mathematics, BS Computer Science, BS Mathematics, BS MST (Major in Mathematics) or BS Statistics. This organization aims to promote deeper appreciation and wider application of Mathematical Sciences in order to contribute to the development of the Filipino nation. In line with these objectives, the organization facilitates various activities including tutorial sessions, outreach programs, seminars, and quiz contests.
PHYSIKA, UP Applied Physics Society is an academic organization consisting of BS Applied Physics or former BS Applied Physics students from the University of the Philippines Los Baños. It aims to promote academic excellence and camaraderie among its members with the help of several annual fun-filled activities and events. Physicasino is a quiz contest held every first semester usually during the anniversary week of the organization. Another event organized by PHYSIKA is the Liknayan— an inter-high school competition held in UPLB which aims to spark interest on young students to pursue a degree in Physics. Career orientations are also done during the second semester of each school year to help students find their passion and direction after graduation. The organization, established on 1990, is still thriving until now on its 29th year. Imbued with the ideals of Integrity, Equality, and Liberty, PHYSIKA will continuously flourish for the years to come.
The Society of Applied Mathematics of UPLB, or SAM-UP, is a university-based and duly-recognized academic organization with the objective of promoting the relevance of Applied Mathematics to the Philippine Society through its activities. SAM-UP as an organization aims to train its members in the principles of prestige, leadership, and service. SAM-UP organizes events that aims to link the lives of the Filipino people through applied mathematics–our most notable events include Math In Action, Inter-Bloc Mathematics Quiz Contest, Inter-Elementary Mathematics Quiz Contest, Numero, and many more.
The UPLB Actuarial Science Society (UPLB ActSS) established in 2015 is the only recognized organization dedicated to the advancement of Mathematical Finance and Actuarial Science in the university. The organization aims to unite all students under the Mathematical Finance and Actuarial Science option by instilling in our members the core values of Excellence, Discipline, and Camaraderie. The organization aims to produce holistic individuals who are not only competent in their academic performance, but are also equipped with leadership skills and communication proficiency that will enable them to excel outside the academic setting. UPLB ActSS is also committed to provide scholarships to our succeeding fellows in order to continue our mission of propagating awareness of Actuarial Science and Mathematical Finance. In line with these objectives, the organization continues to and has administered activities such as tutorials of various math subjects, career seminars, job fairs, job application workshops, and exhibits. We also conduct activities such as outreach, team-building activities and annual quiz contests.